Attach a URL to an Existing Entry
URL graphic

You can attach URLs to entries that you created. To attach URLs:

  1. View the entry and click on the Attach toolbar item.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click on Attach URLs.

    Forum displays the "Attach URLs" form.

  3. Note: By default, you must be the author (or owner) of the entry in order to add or modify attachments. If you do not see the Attach URLs menu item, contact your discussion-forum manager to obtain permission to add or modify attachments.
  4. In the "New URLs" area, enter the URLs, one URL per text box. You can attach a maximum of three URLs at a time.

    An example of a valid URL is:
  5. Click OK.

    Forum redisplays the entry. The URLs appear inside the entry, below the word "Attachments."

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