Add Meeting Results
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If you are using Forum ZX, you can create an entry or a reply that consists of files created from an online meeting that you have hosted.

To create a meeting entry:

  1. Click on the Add toolbar item.
  2. Select Add meeting results from the drop-down menu. If you are replying to an entry, select Reply with meeting results.

    Forum ZX displays the "Add meeting results" form, which lists the meetings that you have hosted.

  3. Click the 1 day back, 7 day back or 30 days back button to select the time frame when your meeting was held.
  4. Enter a title for the meeting entry in Forum.

    If you do not enter a title for the meeting entry, by default Forum will use the name of the meeting.

  5. Click the radio button of the meeting for which you want to create an entry.
  6. Select Add to attach the meeting results to the Forum entry. The meeting will also remain on the "Add meeting results" form for future use, say for adding to another discussion forum.

    If you select Add & delete, the meeting is moved to the entry and then deleted from Zon's list of archived meetings.

    The entry form lists your meetings by date and time, starting with the most recent. Each meeting may consist of some or all of the following files:

    Not all meetings produce all of these files. The files that have been created for each meeting are identified with a check mark in the table.

    If you edited or created any additional files, such as documents or whiteboard sessions, during a meeting, they can be uploaded by selecting their corresponding check box. However, only current versions of meeting documents are available. If you are creating a meeting entry for an earlier meeting, the documents you upload may reflect changes made in a later meeting. For example, if you have a weekly staff meeting, and you upload an agenda each week with the same file name, the file will be modified each week.

  7. Click OK to attach the meeting to the entry.

    Or click Cancel to return to the forum without creating an entry or reply.

Depending on the length of your meeting and the number of files produced during the recording and archiving process, it may take a few minutes between the completion of a meeting and the availability of the meeting results in the "Add meeting results" form.