Contact Discussion-Forum Participants

When working in a forum, you can quickly contact individuals who have participated in the discussion forum or individuals who have participated in a specific forum entry.

To contact an entry or discussion participant:

  1. If you are using Forum ZX, open the entry or discussion forum, and click the Meet, Call, Schedule, Chat, or E-mail button.

    If you are using Forum ST, open the entry or discussion forum and click the E-mail button. This will provide your local e-mail client with all of the e-mail addresses of the individuals you select, if the addresses are available.

  2. The Find People page displays all of the people who have replied within the specific entry. Select the people to contact by selecting the check boxes next to their names. Or select the all link to select everyone listed on the page. If your search returns multiple pages, move to each page and select the individuals you want to contact.

    You can continue searching for others not listed by performing additional searches. The individuals that you first selected will be appended to the bottom of the new search results list. For example, after selecting individuals from the intial list, enter A* will search for all individuals whose name being with "A". You can add these people to the contact list by selecting the check box next to their name.

    If you are using filters to display information in the entry or discussion forum, only the individuals who are included in the filter results will be displayed.

    You can clear your search parameters and begin a new search by clicking the New lookup button.

    If you are using Forum ZX, presence information is displayed for each of the individuals listed.

  3. Once you have selected all of the individuals you wish to contact, click the Start button. This will launch another application that will allow you to begin your meeting, call, chat or e-mail.

    Note: E-mail and chat have limitations that prevent them from working with large numbers of names. If you have selected more than 12 names, and the Mail or Chat buttons do not respond, you may have to reduce the number of names on your list.

One the new application is launched, you can continue to add to the list of individuals to contact, specifically those who may not be using Forum.