Use Custom Entries

Forum and its discussion forums are very customizable. Your forum manager can configure and customize the discussion forum to meet your exact needs. As another option, your organization can hire SiteScape to customize the software for you.

There are three types of customized discussion forums: customizations that affect an entire discussion forum, limited ones that apply only to individual entries within a discussion forum, or ones that are designed by your forum manager to be unique to your organization.

Customized discussion forums
Filtered Discussion Forums
Require you to select one or more attributes whenever you create an entry. Attributes are descriptive keywords defined by your forum manager, or they can be a list of registered usernames. When you view a list of entries, you can filter the entries according to an attribute (so that the list displays only those entries that have that attribute).
Discussion-Only Forums
Disable all entry types except for discussion topics, replies, and polls. You cannot add documents or URLs.
Moderated Discussion Forums
Disable users from posting a new entry until a designated moderator approves it. Once the moderator approves an entry, the entry becomes visible to all participants.
Private Discussion Forums
Allow you to create private topics that can be seen only by the person who creates the topic and a group of users defined by the forum manager.
Customizations for individual entries

The following customizations affect individual entries within both standard and customized discussion forums:

CAD Files
Adds the Add a CAD File command to the Add toolbar item. When you use this command, you can create an entry that allows you to edit and discuss CAD source files using TailorMade CADViewer PRO software. An evaluation copy of this software is included with the use of Forum.
Document Review Process
Allows you to create a document entry that is automatically placed in a pre-defined Workflow process. Initially, the document is in the "In review" state and can be seen only by the users you designate. When all designated reviewers agree that the review is over and that the document can be made public, the state of the document changes to "Public," and all participants in the forum can view it.
Instant Polling
Allows you to create and answer quick surveys. You may create up to three questions in one poll. Forum displays bar graphs that reflect the number of votes each poll option has received. You may also track which users participated in the poll.

If you would like to try one or more of these prepackaged customizations, and if they are not currently present in your zone, ask your workspace manager to create a customization for you.

Customizations for your organization

Your forum manager can also define custom commands and workflow processes that are unique to your organization. Therefore, the steps required to use these customized entries must be described and documented by the forum managers who create them.

Custom commands are standard discussion entries that have one or more extra items on the page (for example, lists, tables, or labels that provide specific information, such as the type of computer you are using, the name of your department, and more). Workflow processes are discussion entries that follow a defined and orderly process, in which certain users, in a certain order, must take specific actions on the entry. (For example, purchase-order, document-review, resume-review, sales-lead, and help-desk are all workflow processes.)

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