Learn More about Custom Commands
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Each standard discussion entry has a set of default page elements. For example, when you create a discussion topic, you fill out a form. Forum then displays the information:

Text (if any)
Keywords (if any)
Attachments (if any)

Suppose that in your company, it is important to include organization and location information for every person who adds a topic in the forum. Your forum manager can create a new entry (based on a topic entry) that includes these elements:

Building Number

When a forum manager creates a custom command, it appears as a new command on the Add menu. Your forum manager also has the option of removing the standard commands (such as Add discussion topic, Add document, and so on) from the menu. For example, your forum manager may remove the standard Add discussion topic command and add a new command called Add WidgetCo Topic. When you click on this menu item, Forum displays a form that asks you for all of the information in the preceding list, including Organization and Building Number.

Your forum manager can also modify standard commands. For example, your forum manager may modify the Add discussion topic command so that it allows you to include the Organization and Building Number.

It is also possible to use custom commands to create complex, new commands that look very different from standard entries.

If you see custom commands on the Add menu and you want more information about using them, contact your forum manager.