Use Discussion-Only Forums
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A discussion-only forum is a discussion forum that allows only the use of topics, replies, and surveys. You cannot add document entries or URLs.

Discussion-only forums were designed and implemented for the SiteScape Forum Version 4.1 product, and they contain a combination of Version 4.1, Version 5.0, and Version 6.0 pages. They are included primarily for backward compatibility for Version 4.1 customers. If you are not a Forum Version 4.1 user, ask your forum manager to consider creating a new "discussions only" customization instead of using this one.

In discussion-only forums, folders are called categories, and categories are not nested into subcategories. To change to another category of discussion, click on the title of a category in the Select a Category drop-down list located toward the top-center of the page.

To add topics, add replies, add surveys, add categories, modify the display options, and more, use the Tools menu. If the category contains more entries than indicated in the display options, use the arrow icons located next to the Topics header to view the previous or next set of category entries. (If the category does not contain more entries, the arrows do not appear on the page.) To return to your zone-workspace page, click Summit, located in the upper-left corner of the page.

All other features in the discussion-only forum are identical to those in a standard discussion forum for SiteScape Forum Version 4.1.