Use Moderated Forums
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A moderated forum is a discussion forum in which all entries are hidden from other users until a moderator marks them for public viewing. In this way, a group of people can review all comments made before other users see them. This is helpful if there are several audiences within a forum and it is important to control the communication of sensitive information.

Moderators are appointed by your discussion-forum manager and are members of the Moderators group.

When you add an entry in a moderated forum, you (the entry creator) and the members of the Moderators group can view the entry. All other users see nothing (it appears as if Forum "skipped a number"). Forum marks this entry with a Lock icon:

For illustration only:   Padlock Icon for Entries Not Yet Approved by a Moderator

After a moderator approves the contents of the entry, he or she can mark the entry for public viewing:

  1. View the "locked" entry.
  2. Click on the Tools toolbar item.
  3. Click on the Mark this entry as public menu item.

    Forum displays the entry using a standard entry icon (discussion, document, survey, URL, and so on), and other users can view the entry.

All other features in the moderated forum are identical to those of a standard discussion forum.