Use the Document Review Process
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The review-process customization allows you to specify the name of users who privately review a document. During the review, the entry is labeled "In review," and only the designated reviewers can view the document. All other individual users automatically see nothing (it appears as if Forum skipped a number and the entry does not exist).

When all of the reviewers indicate that the review is ready, Forum automatically labels the entry "Public," and other users can then view the document. As another option, the user who created the entry (its "owner") can end the review before all reviewers agree that the work is finished. If this happens, Forum labels the entry "Owner made public."

To place a document in a private-review process and work with it to completion:

  1. View a discussion forum that implements the review-process customization.
  2. Click on the Add toolbar item.
  3. Click on the Add Review Document menu item.

    (If you do not see the Add Review Document menu item, ask your manager to create a forum that includes the "Review process" customization.)

    The "Add a new review document" form appears.

  4. Complete the form, then click OK.

    The "Initializing the Workflow Process for..." form appears. You use this form to designate the users who are allowed to review the document.

  5. In the "Enter a list of user names..." text box, enter a search string for Forum to use to create a list of usernames from which you can select reviewers.

    For example, if you know a username, type it. If you know that the username begins with "smi", then type "smi*". If you want to see a list of all users in your zone, and if you are sure that the list is manageably short, then type "*".

  6. Click OK.

    In the "Select the user names to be added" text box, Forum displays the usernames that match the search string.

  7. In the "Select the usernames to be added" text box, Ctrl+clickMore info... on the names of the people you want to be reviewers.
  8. Click Add-->.

    Forum adds the usernames to the Selected Users text box, located to the right of the Add--> button.

  9. Repeat the previous four steps until the Selected Users text box contains the usernames of all of the reviewers.

    If you mistakenly add someone whom you do not want to be a reviewer, click on that person's name in the Selected Users text box, and click Remove.

  10. Click OK.

    Forum displays the document entry with two tables located at the top of the page. The leftmost "Workflow" table specifies the current state of the review: "In review." Only the users that you specified can view the document when it is in this state. The owner of the entry (the person who created it) also sees a "Change state to" drop-down list. If the owner chooses the item and clicks OK, it forces an end to the review process.

    The rightmost table specifies a question and possible answers for the reviewers. The question is: Can we end the review and "publish" the document, making it viewable to others? The possible answers are:

    To submit an answer to the question, a reviewer can click on a radio button and then click OK. As long as the document is in the "In review" state, a reviewer can change his or her answer as many times as desired. If you would like to see how reviewers have responded to the question so far, you can click on the View responses link in the left table.

  11. Review, discuss, and edit the document.
  12. When the document is ready for public viewing, click on the "Yes, I'm finished editing, and I'm satisified with the document" radio button in the right table, and then click OK.
  13. When the last reviewer has responded "Yes, I'm finished editing, and I'm satisified with the document" to the question, Forum re-labels the entry to be "Public" and removes the question from the top of the entry.

    Users other than the reviewers are now able to view the document entry.

The review-process customization is, in part, a predefined workflow process. If you choose, you can apply this workflow process to a standard entry in a discusion forum (document, topic, URL, or survey). To apply this workflow process to a standard document:

  1. Add a document entry to the forum.
  2. View the document entry page.
  3. Click on the Tools toolbar item.
  4. Click on the Initiate a workflow process menu item.

    The "Initiate a Workflow Process for..." form appears.

    If the Initiate a workflow process menu item is absent, your discussion-forum manager did not implement this customization. Ask him or her to export the Review Process workflow from a forum that has the document-review customization, and then import it into this discussion forum.

  5. In the "Select the workflow..." section of the form, click on the Review Process radio button, and click OK.
  6. Forum displays the "Initialize a Workflow Process for..." form. Use it as described previously.

If you have other repetitive business processes that are a part of your work (such as help-desk work, resume reviews, purchase-order approval, and so on), ask your discussion-forum manager to define a workflow process that reflects your own unique business process. In this way, Forum can automate these repetitive tasks and send helpful e-mail reminders to people who are required to do the next step in the task.

As another option, your manager can make a contract with SiteScape to have us develop workflow processes for you. For more information, visit the SiteScape home pagethis link opens in a new window and click on the links related to customizations.