Format Text for Entries
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For creating discussion topics, replies, and tasks, Forum provides both an HTML editor and a plain text editor, which are available for all supported browsers. This page describes both editors.

HTML editor

The HTML editor is available by default. You can enter and format the text just as you do with other word-processing applications. For example, to make a word bold, select that word, then click on the b button in the top-left corner of the Text box. As another example, to add a line break, press and hold the Shift key, then press the Enter key. This method creates less space than the Enter key alone, which begins a new paragraph. (Otherwise, the text wraps automatically.)

You can also cut and paste text from other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Wordpad, Notepad, and more. To add HTML tags directly, click the HTML button (which displays another window containing the HTML), edit the HTML code directly, and click Update to have your HTML changes reflected on the Forum page.


The editor checks spelling as you enter text, and it flags misspelled words with red underlining. To make sure that the spell checking is complete, click the ABC button in the toolbar

Immediately upon creating or modifying an entry, you can switch from the HTML editor to the text editor by clicking on the Stop using the HTML editor link at the bottom of the text box. However, if you have entered text into the editor, be sure to copy or cut the text from the editor before switching; otherwise, you lose your changes.

Text editor

When you create an entry using the standard text editor, you have choices about how to format the text. Forum lists these choices as radio buttons in the "Formatting options" row just below the text box. The formatting options are:

Forum formats the text that you enter in this way:
Our software displays the text exactly as typed, in Courier font.
Forum assumes that you enter HTML tags in the text. The HTML tags determine the formatting.

Note: Always check your HTML coding. If you fail to close some of the HTML tags, the entry page may not display correctly, and may even affect the display of the Forum page.

You may also access spell checking by clicking the Check spelling... link.

Forum provides alternate spellings for words it does not recognize.