Move to Another Discussion (Import/Export)
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You can move or copy entries from one discussion forum to another. The other discussion forum can be located in any workspace.

To move or copy entries across discussions, you need to export the entries to a file, and then import the contents of the file into the other discussion forum. By default, all users have the right to export entries, but only the managers have the right to import them. To import them, either ask a manager to do it for you, or ask for the access right to import them yourself.

To use the import/export feature to copy entries to another discussion forum:

  1. From the discussion forum, click on the Tools toolbar item.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click on the Import/Export menu item.

    The "Import or Export Forum Entries" page appears.

  3. Click on the "Export entries from this folder" radio button, then click OK.

    The "Export Forum Entries" page appears.

  4. Click on the names of the folders and entries you want to export.

    To choose more than one in each of the lists, Ctrl+clickMore info... on the items.

    Forum displays the "Download the export file..." page.

  5. Click OK, and save the file (exportFile.html) to a directory on your computer.

    Be sure to remember the name of this directory.

  6. Click on the After the download... link to make sure that the download was successful.

    If it was successful, then the export is complete. If it was not successful, repeat the steps above.

  7. If you have the right to import the entries, follow the remaining instructions. Otherwise, ask a manager to complete the task for you.

  8. Access the discussion forum to which you want to copy the entries.
  9. From the Tools menu, click on the Import/Export menu item.
  10. On the "Import or Export Forum Entries" page, click on the "Import entries into this folder" radio button, then click OK.

    The "Import Forum Entries" page appears.

  11. Click Browse and locate the exportFile.html file that you saved to your computer.
  12. Click OK.
  13. A status page appears.

  14. Click Close.

    Forum displays the list of entries in the discussion forum, which now contains the newly imported entries.

If you want to move entries instead of copying them, follow the steps on this page, then delete the entries from the original discussion forum.