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You can edit any files attached to entries that you have access to by clicking on the Edit link, located next to the name of the attachment. The editing applet requires the installation of the Java Plug-in 1.4.0, which comes with the installation of the Forum.

If the Java Plug-in is not already installed on your computer, the first time you attempt to edit an attachment, you are prompted to install the Java plug-in. The next time you edit the attachment, the appropriate editor (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and so on) appears.

The editing applet automatically reserves or "locks" the entry, downloads the file, and starts it in the appropriate editor. When you exit the editor, the editing applet prompts you to save the changes to Forum, and then Forum uploads the file and unlocks the entry.

The editing applet lets you edit documents associated with these applications:

If the file type is not supported by the editing applet, you can use the reserve-and-release method and modify the attachment locally. The links at the bottom of this page provide more information about these procedures.

To modify an attachment that you posted previously to a discussion:

  1. From the discussion forum, click on the entry containing the attachment you want to modify.
    Note: By default, you must be the author (or owner) of the entry in order to attach files to it or to modify those attachments. If you are not the person who created the entry, contact your discussion-forum manager to obtain permission to modify the attachment.
  2. Click on the Edit link to the right of the attachment link, near the bottom of the page.

    The document appears in the editor associated with the document extension. For example, for filename.doc, Forum opens Microsoft Word.

  3. Modify the attachment as you would any other file in that editor, and save the changes.

    Note: Do not change the location or the name of the file. Otherwise, the editor saves the changes to the new location or file rather than to the file you want to upload.

  4. Exit the editing application. This action returns you to the browser window.

    If you leave the URL for any reason, you lose the ability to upload the changes you have made to the file in this editing session. You may lose any edits that you have not saved in the editor. In that case, to recover the file you edited, repeat the steps above and then exit the file appropriately.

  5. Once you have exited the editing application, you can do the following from the browser window:
  6. Click OK.

    The attachment is now modified.

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