Modify an Entry

You can correct an error or change information in an entry that you created. By default, you cannot modify an entry unless you created it or unless you are the discussion-forum manager.

To modify an entry:

  1. View the entry, and click on the Modify/delete toolbar item.
  2. Click on the Modify menu item.

    Forum displays a form similar to the one you used to create the entry.

  3. Make your changes to the form.

    One common reason to modify an entry is to add attachments or replace attachments that have changed. To add or replace attachments, click on the Add Attachments checkbox. After you finish filling out this form, another form appears, that allows you to upload files as attachments. To replace an outdated attachment, you can upload the file again, making sure the filename stays the same.

  4. Click OK.

    The entry is now modified.