Post a Reply without using an E-Mail Notification

You can reply to a discussion topic by e-mail without waiting for an e-mail notification from Forum.

To post a reply by e-mail:

  1. View the topic or reply to which you want to post a reply. Notice the URL in the browser window, which looks something like this:

    Notice the number in the filename at the end of the URL: 100003. This is the DocId for the topic or reply. Forum uses this number as a unique identifier for the entry.

  2. Compose your message.
  3. In the "To:" field of the e-mail message, enter the address of the dedicated account, as specified by your manager.
  4. In the Subject line, specify:
    RE: DocId:actual_number Text of your reply title

    Replace the italicized identifiers above with the document identifier of the Forum entry to which you want to reply and the text you want used as the reply title. Be sure to specify "DocId" with uppercase "D" and "I" letters. Do not add any extra spaces. Consider this example:

    RE: DocId:100003 I think we need to form a committee to address this.
  5. If you have files that you want attached to the reply, attach them to the e-mail message.
  6. Send the message.