Use the Reserve-and-Release Method
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If you are co-authoring a document and you need to modify it locally, you can reserve the document entry while you are editing it, so that no one else can modify it at the same time. After you upload the edits, you can release the entry so that others can continue to modify it.

To use the reserve-and-release method:

  1. From the discussion forum, click on the title of the entry.

    The entry page appears.

  2. Click on the Modify/delete toolbar item.
  3. Choose Reserve/release from the menu.

    A confirmation screen appears, displaying the name of the document.

  4. Click OK.

    The entry page reappears, displaying the "Reserved entry" icon:

    For illustration only: Reserved Entry Icon

    Now, no one else can modify the document while you are editing it.

  5. Follow the steps in Modify an attachment locally to modify the source file and upload it again.
  6. After you upload the revised document, return to the Modify/delete menu and click on Reserve/release again.

    A confirmation screen appears.

  7. Click OK.

    Forum releases the document, making it available for other users to modify. The "Reserved entry" icon no longer appears.

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