Use the Multi-File Upload Applet
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You can use the Java multi-file upload applet to upload many files and folders all at once using familiar features such as:

You can upload up to 32 MB of information. Your manager can allow larger uploads. For more information, click the Allow larger uploads link in the "More information" section on this page.

Larger uploads may slow the performance of your computer. If you see error messages when trying to upload a large number of folders and files, try uploading fewer items at a time.

After you use the multi-file upload applet, Forum defaults to this method each time that you add attachments.

To use the multi-file upload applet:

  1. Access the "Attach files" page.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click on Use the multi-file upload applet.

    The applet appears.

  3. To create a new empty folder to contain the attached items, click on Create a folder for attached files before you select the files. This link allows you to create new folders in Forum. (To upload folders from your computer, see the next step). In this way, you can create a folder-file hierarchy within the Forum entry that matches the structure of the folder-file hierarchy on your computer.
  4. To select files and folders to upload, do one of the following:
  5. If you want to save any previous versions of the attachments, make sure the "Save any previous versions" checkbox is selected. (You cannot save previous versions of the same name when uploading files into Web File Systems.)

    Forum posts previous versions with a version number attached to the end of their filenames.

  6. Click Attach files.

    Forum uploads the attachments.

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