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When reading an entry in a discussion forum, you may decide to add a response. This page describes how to reply to a discussion topic, but the process is the same for replying to any type of entry in a discussion forum.

To add a reply to a discussion topic:

  1. From the discussion topic, click on the Add toolbar item.
  2. Choose Reply from the menu.

    The "Add reply to..." form appears.

  3. In the "Title" text box, specify a descriptive title for the reply (such as "I don't think we should hire another engineer").
  4. Enter the text of the reply in the "Text" text box (for example, "Although we have extra work to do in the next few months, we won't have enough work after that to keep the new person busy").

    You do not need to "sign" the reply, because Forum automatically includes a signature line. The signature line includes the full name you gave when you registered, and the date and time you created (or modified) the reply.

    For more information about using this part of the form, click on the Format text link in the section that follows.

    The remaining sections of this form are optional.

  5. Click OK.

    The title that you provided in the "Title" text box now appears as the last entry in the list of replies to that discussion topic.

Instead of placing the response at the end of the reply chain, you can "reply to a reply," and place the response in the middle of the chain. To do this, click on the title of the reply to which you want to respond, click on the Add toolbar item, and click on the Reply to this reply menu item. Forum then places the response in the reply chain directly after the reply you chose.

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