Check Teammates' Presence

Forum ZX allows you to check the presence of your teammates by using the user information icons. You can also use the user information icons to communicate instantaneously with others while you work.

If you are not using Forum ZX, the user information icons are white, because they do not display presence information.

User information icons are located next to an individuals name throughout Forum. The icon changes color based upon the person's online status. Refer to the "Icon definitions" page for further information.

The user information icons also allow you to contact the individual directly:

  1. Click the individual's user information icon.

    A pop-up menu appears with contact options. The list of availble contact options may vary, based upon your organizations configuration of Forum. If you are not using Forum ZX, the only option available will be Send mail.

  2. Select one of the options:

Another method of contacting people is through their business card. Refer to the "Business card" section for further information on business cards.

In some instances, people may want to disable the ability for others to see their presence information. By changing a setting in your user profile, you can determine who can or cannot see your presence information. Refer to the "Manage your user profile" section for further information.

Forum ZX also has a feature that helps you to contact all of the people who have made an entry into a discussion forum. Refer to the "Contact forum participants" section for further information.

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