Forum Tools
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The Forum tools are present above the right side of the toolbar. They are consistently present, regardless of your current workspace or forum.

Some of the tools allow you to do work that is independent of any page you may currently be viewing (the site map and web files are examples of these types of tools). Other tools understand your context, and Forum applies the tool only to the currently viewed page (the search and help tools are examples).

These are the Forum tools:

Web Files
Provides a personal storage area for files that you wish to transfer to another computer or to share with others. When you click on the Web files toolb item, Forum displays the web-file system in a separate browser window.

For example, at work, you can place files in your web-file system (by default, no one else has access to these files), access the files from your home computer, work at home, and then upload the modified files back into the web-file system. As another example, you can create a folder that allows other registered users to read the files. Then, these other users can view your folder, and can view and download the files as they choose.

Site Map
Provides a list of all of the workspaces and forums available to you in that zone.
Note:If you have a question about the complete list of workspaces and forums available to members of your organization, contact your zone or workspace manager for more information.
Allow you to keep track of Forum entries that interest you, so that you can return to them easily in the future. Once you have added a bookmark, Forumremembers it. The next time you log in, you just click on the bookmark, and Forumtakes you to the appropriate entry.

Bookmarks can be active (readily accessible) or inactive (greyed out and at the bottom of the Bookmarks list). Inactive bookmarks can be reinstated for future use.

Search and Find
Enables you to locate any forum entry quickly and easily.

To search for an entry in one forum, view the forum, then click on the Search toolbar item. Forum then searches only the currently viewed forum. If you are not sure which forum contains the entry, view the workspace or site-map page, then enter your query in the Find field. Forum then searches through all of the forums in that workspace or in the entire zone.

By default, the search utility allows you to enter a string, and Forum returns a list of all forum entries that contain part (if the string is unquoted) or all of that string (if the string is quoted, Forum returns only entries that contain the whole string).

If you choose, you can search for entries based on more criteria. To do this, on the search form, click on the Search Options link. The search options allows you to narrow the search according to author, keywords, specific forums, date range, and (if they are present) workflow states and custom attributes. To further define your search, click on the More options link to enter even further criteria.

Provides access to the Help system. Forum displays this Help system in a separate browser window.
Logs you out, and displays the log-in page again. This feature is particularly useful for people who may have two usernames, such as zone, workspace, or resource managers. A user can log out of her non-managerial username and log back in using her managerial username.