Forums and Summary Pages
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Forum provides access to pages that allow you to work with teammates. These types of pages fall into two categories according to the information they contain. These categories are forums and summary pages. You access these types of pages by clicking on the gray tabs with blue lettering.

Forums are applications that enable you to communicate and collaborate with teammates. Summary pages provide a concise display of information about your workspace or about the forums that are important to you.

Forums include:

Provide access to threaded discussions, documents, URLs, and surveys. Threaded discussions are posted notes in the form of topics and replies to the topic. Discussions provide a dynamic, synergistic work space in which you can combine static information (files, plans, documents, URLs) with discussions about that information (replies and surveys).

When a discussion is finished, Forum contains a snapshot of your work. When a new member joins the team, that new member can review discussion entries to understand how documents were developed, the logic behind decisions, and other important historical data about the project work.

Provide a mechanism for tracking appointments. A calendar can be set up by the workspace manager for all of the users in a workspace. If your manager allows it, you can also create a personal calendar when you register or when you click the Calendars tab.
To-do Lists
Enable you to assign work to others or to yourself, and to schedule reminders. Forum can send e-mail to assigned users to inform them of the task and its due dates.

Summary pages include:

The Workspace Page
Displays a list of all of the forums and personal pages available to users of the current workspace. To access a forum or personal page, you can click on its title on the workspace page.

A workspace is a collection of summary pages and forums that one group uses to work toward a common goal. For example, consider workspaces to be online office spaces. Just as, say, the Engineering Department and the Marketing Department may be located on separate floors of an office building, your zone manager can create an "engineering workspace" primarily for engineers and a "marketing workspace" primarily for marketing professionals.

Using Forum, a person can access and use more than one workspace. To access another workspace, click on the title of the workspace.

"My summary" Page
Provides a concise summary of information about the forums that are most important to you and your work.

For example, this page contains a count of new or modified entries for only the discussion forums you want to track (this is useful if your zone includes a large number discussion forums). Also, the "My summary" page can keep track of discussion forums located in any workspace in your zone.

In addition to tracking discussion forums, you can specify that you want your summary page to display entries from one or more calendars, all scheduled chat sessions for the day, and more.

The "My summary" page is highly customizable and needs to be set up before you can use it. (You need to indicate which forums you want to track.) To set up or to customize the "My summary" page, click on the "My summary" tab, then click on the Preferences item in the blue toolbar.

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