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Forum is a collaboration product that provides you and your teammates with a fun and easy way to work productively online. The workspace page provides your team with an online office space where you can use forums, summary pages and tools to work together.

To learn how to get started, click on the links in the "Getting started..." section located after this text. Or, if you prefer a printed manual, click on Getting Started Manuals, located at the top of the left frame of this window.

The links that follow provide you with enough information to learn how to navigate the software, use some of the features of the discussion forums, and access some commonly-used tools such as Search.

We strongly recommend that you read all of the getting-started pages in order, and that you review the links in the "More information about" section. For information about other product features, use the table of contents in the left frame, or click Search in the top frame.

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