The Help System
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This Help system provides you with the steps needed to perform the most common tasks using Forum. The Help pages include sections that explain each type of forum and summary page: Workspace, My summary, Discussions, Calendar, and so on. Also, if you have management privileges, you may access the management Help system.

These Help pages are implemented using HTML style sheets. In order for the pages to format properly, you must be using an industry-standard browser released within the past few years. If you are using an older browser and the Help pages do not format properly, please visit Microsoftthis link opens in a new window, Netscapethis link opens in a new window, or Mozillathis link opens in a new window and download a current browser version.

In addition to using this Help system, you can click on the information icons that appear on some Forum pages to access "popup" Help:

For illustration only: Information Icon Provides Additional Information

When you click on one of these icons, more information about using that Forum page appears in a smaller window.

Our product and its Help system are now coded for increased accessibility. Users can set their preferences for accessibility mode or standard mode when they create or modify their user profiles. Users can also switch modes from the "Business card" view by clicking on the Accessible mode toolbar item. To switch back, click on the Tabs mode toolbar item.

For more information about compliance with specific Section 508 and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines, visit our company home pagethis link opens in a new window.

Help pages may include sections at the bottom that provide you with additional information. The "How do you..." section provides information on related tasks, and the "More information about..." section provides additional background information.

Each Help header provides one or more links to the pages you may have previously viewed. For example (for illustration only):

Use the Advanced Search Form
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The path to the "Use the Advanced Search Form" page (in the top-left corner of this example) includes the three previous pages. You can use the Back button on the browser to return to previous pages, click on one of the three links in the path to move back, or you can use the table of contents in the left frame to navigate to pages. So, in the previous example, to return to the "Read More Getting Started" Help page, click on that link. (There are links to previous pages in the footer, as well. You can use the links in either location.)

We display the Help table of contents in the left frame. To remove this frame so that you have more room for the Help information, click Hide topics. To redisplay the table-of-contents frame, click Show topics.

To search for words and phrases in the Help system, click Search. Forum displays a list of Help pages that match the search criteria. To view the Help system table of contents again, click on the View the complete topic list link at the top of the table-of-contents frame.

To print Help topics or to reindex the Help database, click Administer.

If you have management privileges, you may view the management Help system by clicking on the Show Help topics for managers link in the top-left corner of the Help window.

If you have management privileges, you may want to access Help on how to customize Forum by programming in its source-code language. For Toolkit information, visit our Help web sitethis link opens in a new window.

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