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A workspace is a collection of summary pages and forums that one group uses to work toward a common goal. Consider workspaces to be online office spaces. In Forum, the default workspace is called the zone workspace. This is the workspace that is accessible to everyone in your organization. As an example, a zone workspace might be called "Widget Company Workspace."

If your zone manager chooses, he or she can create additional workspaces. Just as the Engineering Department and the Marketing Department may be located on separate floors of an office building, there can exist an "Engineering Workspace" primarily for engineers and a "Marketing Workspace" primarily for marketing professionals within your organization.

Using Forum, a person can access more than one workspace. You can locate the name of your current workspace in the upper-left corner of the page, just above the tabs.

To change from one workspace to another:

  1. Click on the Workspace tab.

    Forum displays a page with different sections. The left section is a directory tree that lists all of the workspaces and team areas that are available to you. As is standard in most folder directories, a plus sign next to an item indicates that it can be expanded, and items indented are understood to be sub-items of the item above them. The green arrow to the left of the directory tree indicates the item you are currently viewing.

    If there is only one workspace in the left frame, then either the zone has only one workspace, or only one of the workspaces is available to you.

  2. Click on the title of the workspace you wish to view.

After you change workspaces, all of the tabs and the search tool apply to the current workspace. Suppose that you started in the "Widget Company Workspace" and moved to the "Engineering Workspace." When you click on the Discussions tab, Forum lists the discussions you may access in the engineering workspace. If you move back to the company-wide workspace, the Discussions tab lists the discussions you may access in the company-wide workspace.

If you want to keep track of several very important discussions located in different workspaces, you can include these discussions on your "My summary" page. In this way, you can use your "My summary" page as a "home page" or "starting page" when using Forum, because it provides both a summary of recent activity and quick access to the discussions most important to you.

If you wish to see all of the forums to which you have access, regardless of the current workspace, click on the Site map tool, located above the blue toolbar and toward the right.

Note: Remember that Forum displays only the workspaces, forums, and entries that are available to you. If you have a question about the complete list of workspaces and forums available to members of your organization, contact your zone or workspace manager.
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